Seated/Standing Pilates

Fridays 12pm - 12:50pm

Holt Village Hall

The Street


BA14 6RW

£8 per class, pay as you go.

Please book a space at least two

days before attending the class.

Before attending this class, please

seek medical advice.

Holt Village Hall
Seated/Standing Pilates

Tuesdays 11.30pm - 12:20pm 

Corsham Town Hall

65 High Street


SN13 0EZ

£8 per class, pay as you go.

Please book a space at least two

days before attending the class. 

Before attending this class, please

seek medical advice.

Holt Village Hall
What to do before attending a Pilates class?

If you have any injuries, medical conditions or if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby, please check with your GP before starting any exercise classes.


It is very important that new attendees arrive 15 minutes before the class commences to give us the opportunity to give you a short guide on how the class is set up and to introduce ourselves to you.


You will be required to fill out a PAR-Q form (Health Questionnaire). And if you recently have had an operation or have an ongoing spinal issue, a GP's letter of referral will be required. 


Also, you will need to bring a bottle of water and a small towel to use during the mat workout. Also you will be provided with stretch-bands, Pilates mini balls, 1lb dumbells, and any other equipment to be used in the class. If you have any questions about the classes, please contact Maria Gonzalez.

Seated/Standing Pilates classes are especially designed for older people, for people with injuries and for people with physical  limitations, in particular for those that are not able to lie down on a Pilates mat and workout in that position. These classes are like any other Pilates class (but seated and standing).

Pilates can help to:

  • Improve muscle core strength.

  • Improve joint mobility and flexibility.

  • Improve strength within the joints.

  • Improve posture.

  • Build stamina and increase blood circulation.  

  • Improve motor skills such as balance and coordination.

  • Relieve stress and tension by using the right breathing technique.

  • Heighten body awareness.

  • Improve well-being and quality of life

We also use different equipment to help you to adapt the different exercises.

With guidance and support, you can feel more comfortable and build up confidence, not only in the classes, but also in your daily life.