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Welcome to Pilates Sunshine with

Maria Gonzalez

My Pilates journey 
I am mother of two beautiful children who I love raising up, I look after my lovely home, and I run my amazing business.

After my first pregnancy I was left with a severe lower back pain, fortunately having acupuncture treatment and exercising helped me to reduce the pain by half. A few years later I found out that I was hyper-lordotic (this means that the curvature in my lover back was over pronounced), and the lack of strength in my core and my poor posture made my lower back more painful. After I had my second child, the pain in my lower back was getting less manageable, it started radiating to my hips and in between my legs, and down to my knees, then it started affecting my balance, also I started feeling fatigued. I was having issues sitting for long periods of time, and going for long walks, also I was having stiffness and pain at the right side of my neck and down to my shoulder blade, I used to get migraines due to the amount of tension in that area.  Many years after, I was fortunate to find out through my dentist that the tension and pain in my neck and shoulder blade was related with grinding my teeth while sleeping, by that time I was already teaching dancing, conditioning training exercises, and always did stretches at the end of every class, but nothing would really helped me to alleviate or solve the issue with my lower back, neck and shoulder, until I started doing Pilates. 

After a year of doing Pilates I discovered that I was able to sit for long hours, and going for long walks without having pain in my lower back, and the pain round my neck and shoulder blade wasn't there any more, and I said goodbye to the terrible migraines. 

Pilates is the best exercise that I have ever done in my life. Through Pilates I have learned the importance of keeping a strong core,

and the importance to strengthen the deep tissue around my body to give a better suppor to my joints, as well as keeping my body flexible. Now I am able to help those with the same or similar problems as me, and those suffering with other orthopaedic conditions (joint conditions), muscle tension, and weakness and many more. I also have been able to help people to get stronger before surgery and to re-gain strength after surgery.


I am confident to help those that struggle walking and or moving easily, as well as helping the strong to get stronger and more flexible.  

At class, I will be able to guide you and teach you the appropriate exercises according to your needs, capability and fitness level,

whether it is Mat Pilates or Seated & Standing Pilates. Making you feel confident and comfortable in my classes is one of my

priorities. I certainly enjoy teaching Pilates, and it is very inspiring to see the dedication that every student have to themselves at every class. Exercising in a nice, safe and friendly atmosphere is my number one priority.

Pilates is not just an exercise class, it is also a life changer!  

See you at the next class!

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